United Facilities Management (UFM) is considered as one of the most advanced integrated facilities management companies offering the highest level of quality service to its customers for over a decade.   With a presence in many countries in the MENA region, UFM has the breadth of experience, the network of expertise and the financial strength to manage, consult, maintain, secure and service complex and challenging facilities including skyscrapers, office buildings, mixed use centers, retail shopping centers, hotels, master-planned resorts and residential buildings.
We deliver all facets of facilities management services across a functionally integrated platform to service people, place, process and technology requirements of any facility irrespective of its complexity. With over a thousand of well-trained employees, UFM responds effectively to customers’ day-to-day operational requirements while maintaining strategic stewardship to obtain tangible results that reduce operational costs, minimize risks and optimize the value of the customers’ asset.
Our approach to facilities management is holistic and integrated which enables us to have a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ organization, strategic goals and operational requirements.